Vinyl Wrap


Currently Offering Vinyl Wrap for your car to change appearance of you car

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle allows you to change the appearance of your car in a shorter time period and in a less permanent manner than repainting involves. Vinyl wrapping allows you to be completely creative with the aesthetic of your car, which will not only grab the attention of onlookers but also represent your personal style.

At DTE Windows, we offer high-quality vinyl wrapping services. Our highly skilled employees will ensure there is no bubbling and that every edge is completely smooth, creating a flawless finish. Additionally, we have a wide selection of colors and finishes to choose from including matte, satin, pearl, or chrome. Our careful application coupled with the various options to choose from will leave you completely satisfied with our vinyl wrapping service.

Are you looking for a specific design in order to advertise your business? At DTE Windows, we can place your business logo or slogan directly onto your vehicle using our vinyl wrapping services. We also offer complete wraps for your work van or truck in order to advertise all of your business' services, contact information, and any graphics to embody the look and feel of your business. Overall, our meticulous application and ability to customize the look of your vehicle to represent your business will leave people impressed with this mobile advertisement!

Give your vehicle a brand new look or advertise your business with DTE Windows vinyl wrapping services, today!